@TheShowhawkDuo perform @MolesBath

Showhawk Duo at Moles, Bath

ShowHawk Duo are one of Bath’s secret success stories, having performed live on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show hosted by Nick Grimshaw, at Glastonbury in 2015 and 2016 and at Bestival. So how would they be received by their home crowd?

Support for Showhawk was supplied by another Bath-based band, Benji and Hibbz, an acoustic rap duo, who were accompanied by an 8 piece band on the night.

Benji and Hibbz were chosen to provide support for Showhawk on a UK tour and it’s understandable why. Their rhythm section was exhilarating; space and dynamism shone through and their ability to play requests thrilled the audience as they responded to a shout of “Play Seven Nation Army” with a great rendition of the song.

Covers was the name of the game for the night as that’s what Showhawk Duo have made their name doing. They’ve reworked classic tunes by artists as diverse as Daft Punk and Queen and as they took to the stage a flood of people surged towards them. Moles at full capacity can be a sweaty experience, punctuated by a tsunami of condensation pouring down from the ceiling.

Mikhail from Showhawk Duo
Mikhail from Showhawk Duo

The sound was tangible and worked its way into your body. Showhawk’s all-encompassing live set fully utilized Moles’ epic rig with their own sound man EQing the mix to bring out the nuances in their sound.

The 90s clubbers were a few pints down and ready to rave. Tracks by Alice Deejay and Daft Punk were deftly executed. Jake’s percussive precision underpinned Mikhail’s harmonics as they built up to the pinacle moment in Faithless ‘I can’t get no sleep’. The roaring ravers shrieked at the climax of this song.

Since the video of ShowHawk playing Faithless went viral, they’ve played gigs across Europe to thousands of people, numerous festivals and at the Singapore Grand Prix. Their career only seems to be heading one way.

Jake from Showhawk Duo
Jake from Showhawk Duo

Half way through the set Benji and Hibbz returned to play a Hip Hop medley with ShowHawk, proving their adaptability and the truth that if the 90s clubbing fans were to dwindle, plenty of other demographics would be drawn to their sound and live shows.

Jake and Mikhail empathized with those audience members who felt they were reliving their youth through ShowHawk gigs, and the guy to my right, liberally covering his neighbors with cider, chortled, ‘I’m 36 and I feel it’.

In all this was a brilliant gig, which merged the past with the present and took the audience on an adrenaline charge nostalgia roller coaster. Showhawk Duo are fantastic and if you haven’t seen them live yet, you’ve been missing out.

Written by Splenetic Goose, Photo by Soul Media 2016

 Reviewed: 16 November 2016

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